17 Best Carp Fishing Holidays in UK-Luxury Lodge & Accommodations

Fishing is the most entertaining hobby for everyone, not only is it famous among anglers but also children love to do it. Fishing holidays are one of the best ways to spend precious time with your family and friends. You can teach your kids their first catch by enjoying the peaceful stay close to nature. When we talk about the carp fishing holidays, we give France as the first priority due to the availability of monster carp in ample water; it’s no wonder why?

But now, if you are planning a family trip on carp fishing holidays, here are equally fantastic luxury lodges and fishing spots in the UK that can fulfill your desires. It might be the best period to take your whole squad to one of the family Carp Fishing Holidays UK. Contrasting to other fisheries, the superb lodges on the lakes and valleys describes in this article offer accommodations and family-friendly amenities.

It’s time to have fun!

We figure out some excellent carp fishing lakes and scenic locations in the UK that provide extra luxury and enjoyment. Here are 17 Best recommendations. Check out whether it is near to your location or not, and make your days be merry and bright.

Best carp fishing holidays in UK

Wigmore Lakes & Lodges- Heart of England (Shropshire)

Surrounding by the beautiful Shropshire countries, Wigmore lakes locate halfway between Shrewsbury and Welshpool. It provides a peaceful environment setting with two magnificent lakes, and there is a lovely walk path outside of your door. The lodges are furnished with 2 idyllic bedrooms, a settled kitchen, a TV lounge, and Wi-Fi are available all the time. Every gatehouse has its private hot water tub. The lodges are available according to six, and eight people sleep. Oxmoor lodge and Pecknall lodges are holidays home that are available in Wigmore Lake and Lodges.

carp fishing holidays in UK

Aside from fishing, the venue is used for multipurpose and call as an excellent base to explore Shropshire. Wigmore lakes have ample parking and are easily attainable with clean, well cared.

  • Address: Wattlesborough, Shrewsbury SY5 9DU
  • Lakes & Lodges: 2 lakes & 3 lodges
  • Crap Size : Around 20 lbs                                                            
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Area: 25 acres

Waveney Valley Lakes & Luxury Lodges (Norfolk)

best carp fishing holidays uk-fishdart.com

Waveney valley lakes lie on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk. The peaceful surroundings with sweet songs of birds, an unspoilt haven for wildlife provide a tension-free environment and the best moments of life. The gatehouses are available, along with accommodations.  Literally, I’m very impressed by the tranquil atmosphere and warm hospitality that are the quality services of Waveney Valley. It is naturally designed by the idyllic villages, restaurants, and unique stores and markets.

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

Furthermore, the Waveney Valley is bottled up with stock fishing lakes that contain few carps having 30 lbs weight that recorded last time. Willow plantations around the lakes become the sanctuary of barn owls, kingfishers, herons, and many great assortments of dragonflies and demoiselle.

In my view, if you want to take a break from the frantic pace of everyday life, Waveney Valley Lakes is the perfect place for a holiday station. It was just waiting for you to discover it!

  • Address: High road Wortwell Harleston, Norfolk IP20 0EJ
  • Crap Size: Around 30 lbs                                                            
  • Site: https://www.waveneyvalleylakes.co.uk/
  • Pets Allowed: No

Blackthorn Fishery with Luxury Lodges & hot tubs

Best carp fishing holidays uk-fishdart.com

Blackthorne fisheries are the beautiful carp fishing spot and luxury gatehouses near Oswestry in the North Shropshire on the Welsh border. Generally speaking, the peaceful environment engages you to spend the golden time with your couple and friends. If you are looking for the best naturally tranquil surroundings for the honeymoon period, which is away from the noise of modern life, and want to rest from a load of work, Blackthorn Fisheries is a perfect choice. It is designed according to the angler’s mindset in private areas without any Public access.

Lakes are home to some best quality monster carps. We recorded the monster carp of 44 lbs last year, and 25 lbs of carp fishes are in the majority under the water. Blackthorn is not easy; it is the heavily stocked run water. That is a little bit challenging condition for anglers. We granted that you have ample space for angling here

Best carp fishing holidays uk-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

It is all about fishing! Not only, but it also provides new-age luxury lodges that are fully furnished and decorated. The interior is simply stunning and designs minimalist on a higher standard. The lakeside lodges give a feel like right on a water edge and accommodate a secure CCTV monitored parking for every angler. The log cabins are smaller compared to the luxury cottages, but they have their own charm and cozy feel.

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
  • Address: Oswestry SY10 9EB                                     
  • Crap Size: Around 44 lbs                                                            
  • Site: www.blackthornfishery.co.uk
  • Area: 3.5 acres
  • Pets Allowed: No

Cherry lakes & Lodges: Best carp fishing holidays

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

Cherry lakes have fantastic self-catering luxury lodges and cottages for both anglers and non-anglers. It’s set on the beautiful Cotswold Water Park and needs 2 hours to drive from London to Birmingham to reach Cherry lakes, accommodating the peaceful surroundings to spend at least 7 to 8 days break. Lakes are stocked with giant carps fishes that provide excellent fishing with pleasure. Furthermore, the six lodges on the bank of lakes are just like milk and honey for visitors.

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

 In addition, Cherry lake is one of the big carp lakes of 5 acres containing 300+ carps. Anglers love to catch 30 lb to 40 lb even more lbs of weight that bend their rods during catching but angler always go with heavy duty spod and strong carp lines techniques in these scenarios. The cherry pool is exclusive to an Egret  Gatehouse, which is heavy stock with a mixed fishery.

That is a joy to fish! It seems that cherry lakes are one of the best carp fishing holidays spot in UK. The lodges provide a private hot water tub for anglers and visitors as well. But I am sorry to say that the kids under 15 cannot reserve lakeside lodges. Even so, administration are  pets and dogs friendly.

  • Address: Wildmoorway Ln, Cirencester GL7 5UZ                
  • Lakes: 04 lakes
  • Crap Size : Around 44 lbs                                                            
  • Telephone: +44 1285 869887                                                 

Bearley lakes & Caravans: Somerset

Bearley lakes are situated 2 miles away from the A303 near Yeovil, Somerset. They provide fishing pleasure as well as tranquil surroundings close to nature. Rowan & Willow lake are two idyllic lakes that offer fishing holidays and luxury caravans accommodations. We also enjoy the stunning panoramic scenery over the Somerset levels.

The lakes are securely gated and have ample parking near to the lakes. Pets are allowed with visitors. Lakes contain 220+ carps of divergent species having weight 20 lb to 40 lbs called monster carp, that gives a decent fishing experience.

  • Address: Yeovil BA22 8PE, United Kingdom              
  • Crap Size : Around 40 lbs                                                            
  • Website: http://www.bearleylakes.co.uk/
  • Area: 5.5 acres

Brompton Lakes & lodges: North Yorkshire

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

Brompton lakes offer a high level of peace and calm surrounding by staying close to nature. It is situated two miles from the historic town of Richmond and provides self-catering luxury lodges on the shores of idyllic lakes. Surrounding by the greenwood and open environment, the lodges occupy a quiet location for every couple on the bank of River Swale.

Literally, Brompton lakes are the perfect choice for couples or family for entertainment and pleasure through fishing. The view of the unique plant roof in front of the glass door looks fantastic. The lodges offer stunning decor bedrooms along with a bespoke kitchen and bathrooms. Lodges are furnished and provide high-standard accommodations.

Best carp fishing holidays UK- fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

Their property amenities are free parking, high-speed internet (Wi-Fi), and a tennis court. Pets and dogs are allowed to stay with visitors. In the end, I’m impressed by their privacy and idyllic surroundings and contemplate that Brompton Lake is the luxurious venue of Carp Fishing Holidays UK. 

  • Address: Easby Mews, Richmond DL10 7EJ, North Yorkshire             
  • Telephone:  +44 1748 850333                                                           

Nuddock Wood Lakes and Lodges: Lincolnshire

Best carp fishing holidays UK- fishdart.com

A peaceful environment and natural beauty keep your mind fresh and relaxed. Every person in the present era works hard to live their life with pleasure and comfort. Nuddock wood lakes and lodges are marvelous venues that provide luxury and tranquil surroundings. The lakes occupy 8.5 acres of picturesque 16 acres on North Lincolnshire and are surrounded by woodlands and greenery idyllic fields. Nuddock wood provides 13 luxury swims, 3 are for lodges, and 10 are for syndicate members.

Well-decorated lodges with two bedrooms and a kitchen, dining area, TV lounge, and luxury bathrooms are the amenities of lodges. Not only, they provide privacy but also they accommodate with private lake and their own private hot water tub for keen anglers. The CCTV cameras are available for your security. It is a luxurious venue for the Best Carp Fishing Holidays in UK.

Lakes are stocked with giant fishes, and their gatehouses are perfect for those anglers who want to bring the family along on their fishing tour. Fishing is an art!

  • Address: Burringham Rd, Scunthorpe DN17 1US, United Kingdom             
  • Telephone: +44 7748 186235                                                       
  • Carp Size: 45 lb

Redwell fisheries lakes & luxury lodges: Lancashire

Redwell Fisheries offers clubs for hire and self-catering apartments to guests and a camping area on site. The interior of lodges is furnished along with a luxury dining area, decor living room, bathrooms, and also accommodate with private hot water tub. The location of the site is not too far from the motorway.

Furthermore, the lakes are occupied on 5 acres and stocked with carp fish. Redwell fisheries provide a peaceful and tranquil environment to a fresh mind and an excellent option to spend a golden time with your family. Small and well-behaved dogs are allowed. The hospitality of the staff is impressive. According to our observation, Redwell Fisheries Lakes and parks provide beautiful venues for carp fishing in UK.

  • Address: Kirkby Lonsdale Road, Arkholme, Carnforth, Lancashire, England, LA6 1BQ             
  • Telephone: +44 15242 21979                                                       
  • Pets: Small dogs are allowed

Lodge on a lake: Cefn Mably lakes

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

Lodges are picturesquely sited on the edge of the water with a unique design and provide self-catering. However, they are located in the Welsh countryside. Peaceful surroundings and sweet bird noises have their own charm and cozy feel. If you want to get rid of the daily load and mental tiredness, it’s crucial to take a break. These lodges on a lake, along with scenic views, are a decent choice for holidays.

 Lodge on lakes is an idyllic set up on 35 acres of Welsh countryside 6 miles from Cardiff. They offer luxurious bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and accommodate all basic needs. All lodges have separate car parking and a hot water tub. Cefn Mably contains 8 lakes from which 3 are being exclusive for lodge’s utilizer, and 5 are specimen carps lakes.

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
  • Address: WaCefn Mably, Cardiff CF3 6LP                          
  • Lakes & Lodges: 8 lakes & 9 lodges
  • Crap Size: Around 37 lbs                                                            
  • Website: https://www.cefnmablylakes.co.uk
  • Pets Allowed: Only small dog on 3 lodges are allowed
  • Telephone: +44 1633 681101                                              

Olivemead Lakes & Lodges: Chippenham, Wiltshire

Olivemead lakes, known as the “Hippo Sanctuary,” make a fascinating tranquil destination for your family for carp fishing holidays in the UK.  You can spend your holidays in one of their lodges. Olivemead Lake offers four lodges. The Retreat is a trendy accession, while you can check your main lodge, Martha’s Pod, or Sadie’s lodge.  Visitors are warmly welcome to bring their dogs here as their wish.

According to fishing, Olivemead lake is open for all visitors. It has 29 feet in depth and occupies 3acres. Carp fishes are stocked in Olivemead Lake and are famous for their double-digit fish. Olivemead Lake has the pride to claim for much better than most day ticket fisheries for having double-digit fish.

  • Address: Chippenham, SN15 4JF                                                 
  • Lakes & Lodges: 3 acre lake & 4 lodges
  • Crap Size: Around 46 lbs                                                            
  • Website: www.olivemeadlake.co.uk
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Telephone: +44 7940 356737                                                                               

Woodlake’s Park: Norfolk

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

Woodlake’s park is nestled in the Norfolk countryside. It provides idyllic and tranquil surroundings to enjoy and get relaxation by staying close to nature. Furthermore, the timber log cabins are designed to exaggerate the efficient use of available space. They all act as the cozy home away from home by accommodating us with décor spacious open living room, a fully fitted kitchen, a shower room, double-glazing & electric heating. The overall view of the lodges is outstanding and based on standard living, and pets are allowed as well.

If you want to plan a family tour or spend a Carp Fishing Holidays in the UK, Woodlake Park in Norfolk is a perfect venue to unwind and escape from the stress and strain of daily life. It provides an array of lakes for carp fishing and to improve their angling skill. In my opinion, if you are an avid fisherman, it’s perfect for selecting a lakeside cabin with their private swim for fishing.

  • Address: Kings Lynn PE34 3PX                                                                                     
  • Lakes & Lodges: 05 lake & 12 lodges
  • Crap Size: Around 40 lbs                                                            
  • Website: https://woodlakespark.co.uk
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Telephone: 01553 810 414                                                                                                                       

York Lakeside Lodges: Yorkshire

Quiet surroundings, the lake is illustration water and offers 14 self-catering lodges. Each cabin offer up to 7 birth for a family and have all regular mod cons, including Hot tubs!

If you are booking York Lakeside lodges for carp fishing holidays, it provides 10 acres lake stocked with a mixture of species. Mirror, Common, and Ghost Carps are all available and caught more than 30 lb. However, the giant carp is unknown, but it is a challenging spot for anglers to test their skill. Some lakeside lodges facilitate their guest to bring their pets along with us on holidays. Therefore, it is the ideal venue for family and a group of friends who love to fish,

See how the land lies!

  • Address: York, YO24 2QU                                                                                     
  • Lakes & Lodges: 10-acre lake & 14 lodges
  • Crap Size: More than 30 lbs                                                            
  • Website: www.yorklakesidelodges.co.uk
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Telephone: 01904 702346                                                                                                                                                  

Anglers Paradise Devonshire– Best Carp Fishing Holidays in UK

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

For the ultimate anglers, Angler’s Paradise is the excellent venue for the Carp Fishing holidays in the UK for families. Inside Paradise, there are 30 lakes where you can catch large carps and many other species. There are day-ticket lakes and a wide range of choices for the type of carp you plan to hunt.

At that spot, Beginners Carp lakes is a perfect place for the kid’s carp fishing. But for avid carp anglers, you have to try Main Carp Lake, Specimen Carp Lake, Float Lake, Pixie Lakes, and a lot more. However, Mian Carp Lake is famous for its natural idyllic views and being stocked with 200 double fish that include monster Carps and Catfishes of more than 90lbs! Specimen Carp Lake is less densely populated as compared to Mian Carp Lake.

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com

If you are plan to fish here, you might have to extend your stay with your family. Nevertheless, family villas are also designed exquisitely for the ultimate holidays and offer 2 to 9 berths. For kids, Angler Paradise accommodates a game room, playrooms, and many other recreational activities.

  • Address:Beaworthy, EX21 5XT                                                                                                 
  • Lakes & Lodges: Over 30 lakes & villas
  • Crap Size: More than 50 lbs                                                            
  • Website: www.anglers-paradise.co.uk
  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Telephone: 01409221559                       

Furzebray Carps Lakes & Lodges: North Devon

Furzebary occupies three idyllic lakes and locates in the North Devon shire countryside. It offers self-catering lodges and a beautiful garden for camping and caravanning facilities—a calm environment along with standard living cabins that accommodate us with free WI-FI and all basic needs.

Furthermore, the Furzebary lakes are well stocked by the carp, more than 20lbs, and the recorded weight is 47 lbs( 4oz). Aside from the cozy homes, lakes are rich for having picturesque ilands, impend trees, and underwater gravel bars. Due to the availability of double-size fish, it’s quite challenging and suited for experienced anglers; and proved that the water of lakes is not only by means the “run water.”

  • Address: South Molton, EX36 4ER                                                             
  • Lakes & Lodges: 3 lakes & 4 lodges
  • Crap Size: Around 47 lbs                                                            
  • Website: www.furzebraylakes.co.uk  
  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Telephone: 01769 572 653

Taswood Lakes & Fisheries: Norfolk

Nestled in the Tas Valley in the heart of Norfolk countryside, Taswood lakes & fisheries is an exclusive carp fishing venue for families. The picturesque lakes and luxury gatehouses are the best options for Carp Fishing Holidays in the UK.

In addition, they offer 4 loges that are designed as a cozy home away from home along with a private swim and patio area to overlook the lake. Besides this, they offer four lakes densely populated with carps. You can easily catch up to 20 to 30 pounds carp here and improve your angling skills.

Let check out our video

  • Address: Norwich, NR15 1LX, UK                                                                              
  • Lakes & Lodges: 4 lakes & lodges
  • Website: https://taswoodlakes.co.uk 
  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Telephone: 01508 407 919

Cottington lakes: Kent

Cottington lakes offer 8 lakes that provide variation in angling skill that suits both novices and experienced carp enthusiasts. The fisheries are set up in 45 acres of idyllic woodland of the Kentish countryside as well as they provide a natural habitat for a wide diversity of flora and fauna.

Best carp fishing holidays UK- fishdart.com

In addition, they accommodate greenery grounds for camping and caravanning. Along with fishing, they also provide perfect lodges that accommodate all basic needs. On the spot area, there are tackle shops, café, bars as well as they also facilitate modern toilets and showerrooms. At Cottington lakes, I assure you that your Carp Fishing Holidays will be very comfortable, and you not only get pleasure from hunting, but also a golden time to spend with beloved.

Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK-fishdart.com
Best carp fishing holidays UK- fishdart.com

Moreover, the lakes are densely populated with carp fish of 30lbs, and few are in the 40s present in water. The recorded big carp is aptly named” Big Girl,” weighing at a whopping 53lbs 4oz.

Check out the video

  • Address: Sholden, CT14 0AR                                                             
  • Total Area: 45 Acres
  • Crap Size: Around 53 lbs                                                            
  • Website: www.cottingtonlakes.co.uk 
  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Telephone: 01304 380 691

Cofton Fishing Lodge Holiday

Cofton fishing holidays offer the best experience of fishing and their luxury lodges are the best option to increase our stay here. The lodges are furnished in a modern lifestyle. Each is directly set on the hillside so in this way you can enjoy the picturesque views of Devon. Whether you decide on solo fishing or a family tour, Cofton fishing offers the perfect spot for Carp Fishing  Holidays in the UK. They offer an array of lakes densely populated with carps and other species. The lakes stocked with carp fish up to 30 lbs.

  • Address: Devon                                                                                                                      
  • Lakes Area: 5 lakes & offer lodges or Static caravans
  • Crap Size: Around 30 lbs                                                            
  • Website: www.coftonholidays.co.uk
  • Tackle Shop: Yes

Final Thoughts

Family Carp Fishing Holidays in UK are the best option to spend precious time with your kids and as well as your friends. Our listed venues offer not only a challenging angling skill but also they serve us with luxury lodges and log cabins, which are furnished on modern lifestyle. It is the best way to take your family on an enjoyable retreat and also a perfect time to teach them their first catch. You will never know until you go!

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