Best Telescopic Fishing Rod-Collapsible Pole Reviews-2023

My father and I used to fish every weekend, and I don’t remember how many rods we had replaced in 5 years. We had tried almost every shore point of the UK and US to find new experiences and species, but it had always been hectic for us to transport equipment, especially big-sized rods via road and Air. Every time new purchasing hurts us but thanks to experts who have designed new extensible, portable rods.

Nowadays, angling has become more manageable and reliable and has transformed from macro to micro size with increased strength. You can put all your fishing machines in a backpack and rush towards your favorite spot. Rod is collapsible in traveling/foldable rod, robust, space-saving, and nearly pocket-sized. You may not consider it as heavy-duty, but potent reel addition can give you the chance of significant drag with the help of the best telescopic fishing rod.

Telescopic fishing rods are handy for use, but most anglers do not recommend these due to the possibility of collapsibility. But it is not for all the time; there are some efficient models out there in the market that can last for long with care.

11 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods Reviews

Here are our top rated and well researched 11 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods that are used by Fishdart community.

Best telescopic Fishing

KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods–Best Collapsible Rod

Starting with the most famous telescopic Kastking Blackhawk II rod as a premium and trusted rod available in the market. The multi-purpose and multi-species rod is made for travel purposes and can collapse from 7 feet to a small backpack.

The rod can be used for both spinning and baitcasting reels because a solid graphite seat is provided along with a convenient EVA handle. Additional floating line guides made of stainless steel are installed in the rod, making it suitable and the best fishing rod in fresh, saltwater, and even coarse conditions.

It is observed that the rod can bear the maximum force applied by fish and never broke into pieces due to having maximum flexibility power. Company named this feature as sung-fit to deliver even and maximum length power on the rod.

Few users are not satisfied with the warranty terms and conditions and do not let other people buy Blackhawk, but In my opinion, the rod is durable, and no need for a warranty claim will stand in rod life. Hundreds of new anglers and their offsprings are changing traditional rods and adopting KastKing Blackhawk in the last years due to the small fit design and longer life in sleek black shape.

Best telescopic Fishing Rod-fishdart

In the end, If you look for a premium and durable, foldable rod for casting in all water conditions for a few bucks, Blackhawk should be in your squad due to its various features and the belief of many anglers in it.

Why To Consider
  • Sleek and bold design
  • Travel fishing rod
  • Six-piece design
  • Perfect balance
  • Stainless steel and multiple floating guides
  • Fit in luggage
  • Large amount of flexibility
  • Warranty claim issues
  • Guides move from center when fully opened for the cast

Sougayilang Fishing Rod – Best Telescopic Pole

The sougaylang fishing rod is another telescopic pole for the spinning reel that is available in the market. Sougayilang have created both rod and reel combo with the same rod and also gave an option to buy a separate rod for any spinning reel

Carbon fiber material is used in manufacturing the rod and enables it to be used in salt and lakes water resorts. In my team’s experience, the rod is not as flexible as a reg pole but still able to bear force and easily fit in any small space of a car trunk or boat hatch.

In addition, high-quality guides were provided in the boat to reduce the line’s resistance at casting and produce a smooth flow. Stainless steel rings and carbon fiber body prevent the rod from corrosion and any wear and tear.

Comparatively, the design is excellent, but unfortunately, the handling of the line is not comfortable, as it has to be. The rod handling position is made up of metal, but a sharp threaded surface reduces comfort level. The Sougayilang is the best budget friendly and strong rod available in the market for your spinning reel and will create lasting memories.

Best telescopic Fishing

The casting pleasure and smoothness have increased the rank in other available rods. My team has done profound experiments in the caribbean and Mexico using rod and reel combo. Unfortunately, we do not favor buying a complete rod reel combo pack due to the low reel quality.

Why To Consider
  • The large length of 2.4 meter collapse
  • Carbon fiber rigid body
  • EVA sure grip
  • High quality guide rings
  • Easy to fit and carry
  • Not much flexible as reg pole but still suitable
  • Only rod is suitable for salty water, but spinning reel in a combo does not resist
  • Rod grip is uncomfortable

PLUSINNO Elite Hunter 7FT Rod-Retractable Fishing Pole

The Plusinno elite hunter is one of the sturdier pieces of foldable rod you have ever seen in the rod list. I had sent gift this to a few of my fishermen friends, and they were shifted from ordinary rods to the new collapsible technology for casting after casting a couple of days.

The rod is beautiful and robust in design and is made of IM6 Carbon Matric blank technology for a light and balanced design. This premium material has increased the overall performance incredibility and increased the flexibility of the rod.

One thing that may hurt baitcasting anglers is that only a spinning reel is suitable and offers exceptionally versatile double lock technology for the rigid bond between reel and rod. On the next side, ceramic round-shaped and low resistant rings are making easy for all types of lines for smooth and anti twist movement on the rod.

Keep in the notice that the reel will never loose its seat grip even in the choppy water and windy conditions.

Best telescopic Fishing

Similarly, sensitivity in the rod is up to the mark, and you will always feel a slight change in the line from the ring to the rod and then will touch the senses of your hand. In short, the rod is exceptional in this price margin and offers premium built quality. Similarly, the smooth line flow and anti-twist due to the winding tip of the rod and incredible reinforced reel seat stability are the unbeatable options available in the Plusino elite hunter rod.

Why To Consider
  • IM6 Carbon matric design
  • Stainless steel with ceramic guides rings
  • Smoothest line flow
  • High sensitive
  • Double lock design reel seat
  • Cork Handle and comfort design
  • Suitbale for only spinning reel
  • Slightly big bend in the rod but strong

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod 24T Carbon Fiber-Ultralight Pole

The Magreel is a well-known brand of rod and reel combos and can be your next summer vacation rod in your backpack to hunt on salty shores. This rod is classy among my list and can produce identical results at one-fourth the price of some named brands.

Overall, the design is futuristic and matched the latest rods available in the market. The built quality is impressive, and black 24T carbon fiber material is used with a shiny golden touch. The rod is able to perform in salt water and fresh water too, and there is no chance of sea corrosion in rod and guide rings.

Magreel telescopic is adopting the best practice of ceramic material used in the rings. This is why we have not observed any type of tangle and smoothness issue with the line. Ceramic material is better in heat dissipation and thus improves the life and health of the mainline.

On the other hand, spinning reel attachment is possible with the rod, and a double side lock strengthens the rod and reel bond. We have observed that the rod hand handle is good in quality as an EVA handle for comfort has been provided, but the size is shorter than others and may have more length for a more comfortable grip.

Best telescopic Fishing

To conclude, we have noticed magreel telescopic fishing rods a stable, tangle-free, smooth line flow, and corrosion resistant, which is far better than the paid price compared to others. To be honest, if you put the rod in the water among fancy and expensive rod lovers, it may become envy for others after a successful cast! For it is a nice gift for coarse fishing lovers.

Why To Consider
  • Aluminum material with 24T carbon fiber layer
  • Best for salty and freshwater
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • More than value to the money
  • Tanhgle free and smooth line lay
  • Stainless steel ceramic rings
  • 5.5 to 10.8 feet length model
  • Suitable for spinning reel only
  • Rod handle length is shorter

Eagle Claw PK56TS Spin Combo-Extendable Fishing Rod

Here we are going to share with you an inexpensive but reliable deal of telescopic rod reel combo for just limited bucks. The Eagle Claw is an absolutely solid reel combo available in the market with a rigid and flexible rod.

Although this may be true, the reel is not much productive, but the reality is different and the reel is also not much cheap and can do lightweight drag jobs without any hassle. Yellow color blend material is used for the rod with fiberglass material to ensure the rod’s stability and increase flex strength. The telescopic function consists of 5section and a comfortable EVA cork handle.

The aluminum spool and spinning reel has been attached to the rod, which has the power to drag up to 5 lb of load easily. A preloaded reel line is provided, which is surprising for us, but a colossal line memory ing on water is observed upon casting in freshwater. The reel quality is not up to the mark for heavy casting, and similarly, the reel has a slight lackness of a drag system.

We are not considering the reel as a powerful agent for pulling big fish out, but it has caught 5 lb bass after lubrication of the reel body. There is an option to replace the reel with the best one and get maximum output from 5 feet extendable telescopic rod kit.

Best telescopic Fishing

Given these points in the account, Fishdart team is pretty satisfied with this deadly budget combo. The bold design, portability, durability of the rod, and even reel can give you 10 inches of bass or carp without any hassle. For me, if  I have to train my youngster, I will definitely go with a combo setup because it will give you a solid chance to grip on each part of the reel, spool, and rod, and can become an expert in a few bucks.

Why To Consider
  • Extensible rod kit in affordable price
  • Combo setup
  • Solid rod design and built
  • 5.5 feet telescopic range
  • Easy to backpack and travel
  • Suitable for learning fishing
  • Spool with 8 lb thin line is provided
  • Reel can be replaced from rod kit
  • Reel quality is compromised
  • Lots of memory in the line
  • Rear drag has no locking click

KastKing Compass Telescopic Fishing Rods Combo

Another reliable medium-fast model of kastking is an excellent addition to the top rated telescopic rods for trout. The compass telescopic model is available in both rod and combo backpack for spinning and casting reels.

In my point of view, the compass telescopic resembles kastking Blackhawk for many reasons but cost less than the Blackhawk. It can take up only a tiny space in your car trunk lighter than the Blackhawk rod due to the ultra lightweight and sensitive durable graphite composite blanks.

Graphite composite blanks material is lighter and bite sensitive than traditional fiberglass rod material. The main objective of the compass rod is to make it high quality and more delicate than any other available in the market. A graphite seat with a trigger lock is been installed to continue the same lighter design model for spinning and casting reels.

I have compared both Kastking rods and observed that the guide’s ring outer body is made of stainless steel. The only difference is that the compass features Titanium oxide ceramic material for all types of lines, even braid.

The telescopic rod kit is available from 5 feet to 7 feet for medium-heavy action, and we have pulled out Bass, carp, pans, and trout using this. I am a little disappointed with the butt, which is a little shorter for me, and similarly, the rings are lesser than blackhawk rod.

Best telescopic Fishing

Keeping all features on one table, the rod best values in the telescopic range at a minimum affordable price and can beat higher priced rods. Lighter in weight, small in size, and robust inbuilt is making a difference from others and thus becoming part of an active angler’s backpack.

Why To Consider
  • Competitor of premium models
  • Ultra light weight body
  • STinless steel guides with titanium oxide ceramic for more smoothness
  • Hook holder is a big plus point
  • Acquire small space in backpack
  • From 5 to 7 feet rod length
  • Rod Butt is slightly shorter
  • Have fewer line guides

Daiwa Megaforce Tele Spin, Telescopic Allround Fishing Rod

The Daiwa is a successful brand of reels and also creates telescopic rods for avid angling people. We have added the Daiwa Megaforce tele spin rod to our top list for Daiwa lovers.

In the first place, the rod build quality is strong and has flex ability up to some limits but could not bear extra force and can be snapped. The rod has six collapsible sections and a minimum of five stainless steel guides with ceramic material featured inside.

In our opinion, the Daiwa Megaforce is a direct competitor of Eagle eys rods in terms of functionality, but the price is too high for Eagle eye. In our experience, we feel that the rod has the power to cast for long-distance, but unfortunately, it does not have the maximum capability to bear pressure, and there are chances of snapping.

Unfortunately, you may not consider the Megaforce as a rough and tough tank in your hand, but it works like heavy artillery in your hand with careful usage. However, the rod can be extended up to 11.8 feet and folded to nearly 2 feet which is best for traveling and easy to carry.

Best telescopic Fishing

In conclusion, we may consider Daiwa the most delicate and pricey rod with the ability to work longer than regular cheap rods. Remember, this rod is not suitable for beginners and kids due to the critical care and technique of use.

Why To Consider
  • Premium Brand technology
  • 7 to 11 feet collapsible length
  • High quality carbon fiber material
  • Easy to carry for travel
  • Titanium oxide ceramic guide rings
  • Smooth performance of rings
  • Delicate telescopic rod
  • Not suitable to bear pressure and can snapped early
  • Rings quantity is less as compare to the rod length

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos-Best Retractible Pole

Here we are again adding plusinno telescopic fishing rod to the list and this was my favorite, but the review is based on my team captain and my close friend’s experiences. We bought the plusinno model last year and can use it once on a boat fishing trip.

The rod is come up with a reel combo, and the spinning reel is also suitable for casting in freshwater. I was very skeptical about the rod’s build and strength and gifted it to my friend. The rod’s overall aesthetic look is silky and hard due to the high-quality carbon fiber usage in the rod.

The first time mixture of high density carbon fiber and fiberglass is used in this rod, and the results are far better than many expensive telescopic rods.

My friends claim that he has bought four more same rods and reels due to high bite sensitivity and exceptional ring performance. The SIC ceramic guide performance for the line is very polite and offers very less friction to the line. In addition, a protective sheath is provided to cover the tip of the rod which is again fascinating to us.

One thing that forces us to think before the buy is the reel seat which is of plastic material. Thanks to Plusinno engineering, who have manufactured the sturdy spinning reel seat. We have never felt any losing point in the reel, and t is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Best telescopic Fishing

After combining all features offered by the Plusino, I strongly recommend the Plusino reel and rod combo due to its high durability, and bite sensitivity, and found best valued product at an economical price. We have used it in standing water to rough, windy conditions, but we have not found any tangle or line flow issues.

Why To Consider
  • High bite sensitivity
  • Most hard and durable structure
  • Only rod is suitable for fresh and salt water
  • Non Slip EVA handle and grip is split able
  • Robust plastic reel body
  • Preferable elasticity
  • Metal Rod Butt is provided but size is shorter
  • Require experience before casting in water

Zebco Roam Telescopic Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

If you are looking for all purpose fishing and ready-to-go adventure telescopic reel rod combo, Zebco is the only better choice out there in the market. The Zebco rod and reel combo is the choice of enthusiastic angler for beginners and younger kids.

In the first phase, the rod build quality is above expectation, and fiberglass has been used to prepare it for a challenging job. The rod length is around 6 feet when fully extended and can be minimized up to 18 inches, which is small for portability.

Unfortunately, the quantity and quality of guides is just reaching the average built standards, and three guides with one tip have been installed. Fortunately, line casting is smooth, and it looks like the combo is expertly designed due to tangle-free and hassle-free casting. This is really impressive from this economical price range combo.

Going through the reel functionality, I have observed that it is only suitable for fresh water and does an ordinary job of quickly casting 3-5 lb of fish. The drag system is enough, and the interchange handle is also adding a positive impact on the combo.

The one thing that I have changed in the reel is its spool line rated to 6-12 lb force, but after changing the line with mono, the result has been improved drastically. Keeping all points in the notice, the Zebco Roam Telescopic Combo is one the cheapest but is beyond the expectation of anglers.

Best telescopic Fishing

However, if you are looking for a beautiful, innovative design, hastle-free casting reel machine for learning purposes, then no one is better than this at an economical price.

Why To Consider
  • Quality product in low budget price tag
  • Carbon fiber rod for sturdiness
  • 6 feet collaosible range and can convert into 18 Inches after folding
  • Ceramic rod rings
  • Soft rubber and nominal size rod handle
  • Spinning and spincasting reel option
  • Great for beginners
  • Average quality reel but sufficient for casting 3-5 lb of fishes
  • Dual Adjustable drag
  • Twist-lock reel seat
  • Not suitable in saltwater
  • Reel line quality is basic and could not bear a small amount of force

Sougayilang Fishing Telescopic Fishing Rod-Best Portable Poles

Again we came up with another good looking Telescopic fishing rod of the Sougayilang brand. The rod is gleaming and beast in telescopic functionality and eye-catching to me. It falls in a medium action rod and you can carry it whenever you go out to sudden angling plans.

Let’s start with the in-hand experience; It looks like an expensive premium kind of rod, but the reality is different, and it does not bother your pocket. Even I think Sougayilang is offering at less price than the expectations. The built standard is nice, and 24-ton carbon fiber is, making it a little stiff, but it has not created any hurdle for any anglers.

In addition, we can say it all-rounder of water conditions and species of fresh to salty waters. Carbon fiber is an anti-corrosion agent, hence not worrying about any aquatic conditions. Another thing that enhances the line drive experience is its ceramic rings, which have improved heat better dissipation.

Unfortunately, the guide mainline handling is a little bit fragile and may break into pieces if sudden jerks are applied by species, so it will definitely need attention and care while casting. After collecting my California team experiences, I think this is a better model of sougayilang than the reel combo.

Best telescopic Fishing

In this case, company has examined all possible factors of spinning and baitcasting problems and featured all resolutions in this telescoping rod. The fashioned colorful appearance, stiff but durable structure, and Stainless steel hooded reel seat are making value to the money. I guarantee that you will not regret the purchasing decision.

Why To Consider
  • All rounder telescopic rod
  • Stainless steal hooded reel seat but not much rigid as others
  • 24 Tons carbon fiber resilient colorful body design
  • Comfortable EVA rod handle and reducing fatigue
  • It is medium action collapsible rod
  • Ceramic rings
  • One year brands warranty
  • Reel seat could not hold medium size reel firmly
  • Although the rings are of ceramic but still chance of breaking

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

This time we came up with a sturdy deal plusinno reel combo, referred by tens of anglers on social platforms. The setup is quite impressive and it looks like Plusinno is offering a jackpot in this amount, and it is worth every penny.

The manufacturer has provided a complete backpack set including rod, line, lure, and spinning reel for anglers.

Telescoping Rod

Eye-catching and heavy-duty rod designed with a mixture of high-density carbon fiber and giber glass is the cause of the anti-corrosion property of the rod. It has never lost any hunted specie and always stands with the spinning reel.

The reel seat is also nice and can hold the spinning reel in tough situations. There is no need to worry about the misplaced spin reel from the center because the seat is specially designed for the same reel.

Similarly, guided ring performance is also good, but ceramic material is missed, affecting the mainline with time. It is suggested to change the existing line with the new monotype and improve overall performance. Otherwise, the rod backbone is admirable for long casting in all water conditions.

Spinning Reel

In our expert opinion, the provided reel is medium-range machine and short in size but enough for long casting. Spool size is larger than the main reel, and similarly, line capacity is also good enough to cast around 150 to 200 m areas.

The spinning of the line is smooth and fast due to an immense gear ratio of 5.2:1 with an interchangeable handle. Mainline quality is cheap, and it is recommended to change the line with mono for having big bass and trout in the bucket.

Best telescopic Fishing

In the end, Plusinno is offering multiple options and functions in a single backpack to have safe and quick mobility. Rod quality and standards are up to the mark near me, but you may compromise on the medium-range reel. Still, it has been the highest-selling backpack in the market and helpful in lasting memories of anglers.

Why To Consider
  • Reliable combo setup in an economical amount
  • Medium power
  • Stunning look and durability
  • Bite sensitivity graphite blank material is used
  • Built in spiniing reel option with large size spool and line capacity
  • Mainline need replacement before throwing into the water
  • Reel ball bearing mechanism is not suitable in salty water

Technical Things To Know Before Buying

You won’t be a flawless angler and can take better decisions if you are unaware of the basic needs and technical terms for in-depth understanding. Here are some points to be noted before the next pole and reel shopping.

Number of sections

This is a bit confusing for the new joiners, and they can not understand the science behind the question of how many sections or pieces should be in the fishing rod. The pieces and rod length are two things that are almost directly proportional. The more considerable the length than more significant will be the number of pieces of rod. 

Professional anglers always prefer less section count with an average 6 to 7 feet in length because each split point is the single weakness of the rod and vice versa. But there are some brands offering five to seven sections for an increase in length with stability and equal power balance all over the rod but are expensive on the pocket.

Remember, the collapsible rod can not run for years and years and will break up after some time due to various facts like a stretch, over force applied, and water conditions. It is better to compromise on the rod length and go out with minimum foldable sections to have more casting using the pole.

Rod Length (Extended and collapsible)

Again, this term is another focus point for the traveler: how much space we have in a backpack or vehicle truck. Ideally speaking, extra length is required for shore or surf fishing, whereas a shorter length is enough to pull out bass from a lake or pond.

It should be the first priority to go with a short length of pole or rod to reduce the number of sections or weak points. The second is to consider the water condition, either fresh or seawater, before making an order.

Manufacturing Material

Net life is proportionally dependent on the robustness of the rod, and carbon fiber and fiberglass are usually used in the telescopic industrialization process.

The aiming point of manufacturers is to reduce the overall weight of the telescopic rod with an increment in durability. Carbon fiber rods are heavy in nature, whereas fiberglass telescopic rods/poles are considerably light.

Another modern manufacturing technique that has been introduced in weight loss regard is the usability of mixtures of both fiberglass and other. It has improved the overall quality standard, durability, and stiffness under lightweight.

Line Guides Rings

Line protection along the rod is crucial, and the correctly aligned rings on the upper pole side are responsible for the smooth line flow.

A straightforward rule of thumb is applied;  additional rings, better line performance, and if a tip ring is added, it will be the best. Typically, stainless steel material is used and strongly bonded with the rod body, but the inlet of the guide ring is directly playing with the line. Nowadays, ceramic in rings channel has been introduced and is best to reduce line flow friction and improve life span.


Comfort with performance is the need of every angler, and for that, low fatigue soft material is a relief while spending hours on the lake. EVA handle has reduced the fatigue factor to some extent.

Final Verdict

Telescopic rods are the best choice for travelers and active anglers who wish to cover various fishing spots, even out of town. These collapsible poles can only fulfill your dreams in a limited range but are not comparable with the traditional rod stick in performance, durability, power, and stiffness. We have highlighted all possible buying factors and suggested some of best telescopic gear available in the market. My team and captain are still looking for a more feasible and robust rod for additional updates, but here is my pole choice from the list above.

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