Best Carp Fishing Line 2022-Reviews of Mono Coarse Lines

Angling mission can not be accomplished until giant fish landed out of the water. But, it would be very disappointing if you lost the caught specie in the middle of the way due to line breakage. That all will happened when you have used sub-standard or underrated lines for heavy and delicious carp. I have been doing angling over the last decade and have had used numerous variety of lines.

Robust, accurate length, and the right choice of best carp mainline increase chances of successfully retrieving of monsters out of the water and build up huge confidence to go for the big one. The most important thing is to have the best carp fishing line in hand to achieve the desired goal and for this complete research is necessary before going to invest wisely. Here we will share our team’s practically experienced fishing line list and sharing buying instructions for anglers.

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08 Best Carp Lines Reviews

Momoi Diamond Monofilament Line

Best Carp Fishing Line

Momoi monofilament is the king in long casting and is a power performer in all seasons and water conditions. It always stands up to the mid range under 30lb carp and catfish and has never disappointed us.

In addition, the tensile strength is improved very well with minimum thickness. Nylon material is being used for production, and it always gives confidence to the angler to continue to catch and big specimen. Furthermore, it has a tendency to fight in dense lakes where the natural ecosystem is at its peak due to trees under the water.

About 3000 yards of casting is enormous in fishing, and only a big pit reel is a favorite for Momoi diamond mainline due to prolonged and heavy casting. One thing that may produce ease for the angler is marking on the line.

  • For large spool filling
  • Can fight upto 30lb fish
  • High tensile strength
  • Longer life
  • Available in different colors
  • Little expensive
  • Measurement marking is missing

Overall, reel performance is awe-inspiring, and you should put your money on it due to its durability, high tensile, and more excellent abrasion resistance.

RUNCL PowerMono Fishing Line-Best Carp Line

best carp fishing line

Another addition is Runcl power monofilament that has immense strength power and abrasion-resistant quality. Whenever you find a chance and headed out fishing, the Runcl mono along you makes it easy for long casting.

Practical examination results state that the line falls under the premium category and suits beginners and mid professionals anglers. It has been observed that power mono can withstand aggressive strikes of big carp or catfish and has proved itself as shock resistant.

In the same way, knotting is not being compromised due to slippage and breakage, hence successfully retrieving species observed. I have had bought orange colour for my grandfather due to his eye visibility issue, and I was impressed that it suspended itself in water and has created unexpected results. One minor negative point is its memory issue which can be ignored at such a low price.

  • Strong breaking strength
  • Knot friendly
  • Can suspend itself in water
  • Affordable price
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Only memory issue

In the final analysis, I have recommended power mono due to its cheapness and strength price. It is available for both low and high visits to match any casting condition you will encounter.

Clear Fishing 547Yards Line

best carp fishing line

In our opinion, the combination of nylon and fluorocarbon material in transparent colour is the key to success in carp line as rig, and this is why we have added it to the list.

Our teammate had used a clear fishing line and shared with us his golden word reviews. The line has been used for around 14-18 lb and produces nominal results under challenging circumstances like abrasion and strikes.

Regarding performance, clear fishing can bear high strength and lower stretch capability and pull out carp without any hassle. Unfortunately, salt accumulation is observed on the line after each tour, and hence freshwater wiping is required to maintain a longer life.

Curling is observed in line during casting due to lean manufacturing, but surprisingly, knotting is not viewed in the most challenging situation.

Also, the line manufacturer designed it for home decoration purposes like ornaments hanging, DIY craft, and bedding.

  • Pretty decent in low price
  • Suitable for home decorations
  • High strength and quiet stretch
  • Best for long distance casting
  • Not suitable for saltwater
  • Maintenance requirement.

When it comes to finding the best under-budget main line, the clear fishing line is always the choice of beginners due to its strength, long lasting, and even for home decoration.

MOUNCHAIN PE 4 & 8 Strands Braided Line-Best for Coarse Fishing

best carp fishing line

As one of the leading line in the

market, the Mounchain braided line stands out among the growing list of best value carp mainline for your reel.

Starting with manufacturing material, the purest form of PE material with 4 strands has been used, and it makes a phenomenal performer.

Although, some have panned this as a wide range of usages like freshwater, saltwater, ice fishing, and even surf fishing after several months of use.

In our view, this is one of the best-selling and top-rated braided line, and we have found it as one of the intricate and most advanced manufacturing. Better yet, the line is all in one package and can give you plenty of satisfaction in salty water, freshwater, ice fishing, and even surf fishing as well due to the special coating on it.

Ultimately, water resistance, UV protection, and color protection are the best quality indicators of braid, and yes, it does satisfy all these parameters except color fading.

Although some have tried out this up to extreme weather and load conditions, it has proved itself robust, better for further casting, has functional strength of up to 40lb, and strong strands structure with low memory. I have never observed any burr on the line since I am using and the overall operation is silent and smooth.

However, only two colors are available in this reel, and this is why I always go with a clear best monofilament line leader to use for carp in the daytime, which has improved my experience.

  • Coated line
  • Water resistant and UV light protection
  • Extensive casting
  • Solid strength four strands line
  • Suitable for all water conditions
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Color may fade after a short time
  • Available in two colors only

This is way better than other reels due to its low price, ultimate tensile strength, and long-lasting for prolonged casting. I’ve had used it with Shimano big pit reel, and I love it, the way it has always filled my fishing pail.

Sea Striker Monofilament Line-Best Mainline For Carp Fishing

best carp fishing line

The cheap price and efficient sea striker monofilament is also part of our best line list. This Chinese product falls in the mid-range category and has the ability to strike some big in freshwater lakes.

With monofilament technology, the main line is strong enough to bear carp jerks and pull him out of the water, and it had done the same in my tour. Besides strength, the overall touch is very soft and flexible, gives you pleasureful feelings, and stands out for the next big catch.

In addition, the line can perform well in harsh underwater conditions due to the high abrasion level but on the other hand, it has minimal diameter making it more premium on an economical budget.

Similarly, sea striker is designed for 80 lb weight, and the company has tested under multiple stress stages, but, In my observations, it can not bear more than 70lb and can break down. Still, 70lb weight is much more significant and can be used in the home lawn or drawing room for hanging ornaments and showpieces.

In my opinion, the line is sensitive in UV light and can be damaged in a short time if exposed outside for an extended period. I have felt some dings in my hook line with memory rings, which irritates me sometimes with stiffness in line.

  • Economical price
  • Transparent color
  • Suitable for big heavy carp
  • Very thin diameter
  • Soft & flexible with high abrasion resistance
  • No UV protection
  • Memory rings

In the end, it is valuable to the paid bucks and can go out with you along with big leaders and reel, for catching some big heavy carps. The price and quality are balances even more than they spent money.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Fishing Line

best carp fishing line

Berkley owns a fantastic scientist team, who is creating tremendous reels combos, jigs and lines as well. Trilene monofilament is one of the flagship and high-rated item displayed in the Berkley showroom.

Research and development used plastic material instead of nylon for making durable and strong lines for beginners to professionals. Clear color and maximum bearing capability separate it from others in an incredibly low price tag.

In my opinion, it is a big game-changer due to the strength and neutral buoyancy and has caught more than 40 lb fish for me with the 20lb test line.

As thickness matters, Trilene is slightly thicker and also cause memory issue and make it difficult for the spinning reel guy at casting. Thickness and memory rings are bad factors for spooling, but the mainline’s strength covers these minor issues.

  • High strength
  • Shock and abrasion resistance
  • Neutral Buoyancy
  • Cheap price
  • More capability than the rated value
  • Memory Rings
  • Big diameter

If you are looking for a durable and best rated mainline, then Berkley Trilene is one of the best available options at a cheap price and exceptional quality and quantity.

RIKIMARU Braided High Abrasion Resistant Line-Best Fishing Line

best carp fishing line

If you are looking for the most extended size line, then Rikmimaru braided line would be your choice. The longest length, highest strength, and zero stretches are the flagship features.

It is noticeable that the Rikimaru organization has been leading the industry in research and development from the last decads and transforming the angling experience up to the next level of pleasure.

To start with, the unique concept of PE material has been used in manufacturing, and yes, it actually empowers the line hook with zero stretch and high strength values. PE material is strong enough, and you cannot break the line with your hands even applying tens of pounds of force. And it would be best if you had a knife or special cutter to split down.

On the other hand, shallow profile diameter is another astonishing element but, the company did not compromise on abrasion strength. One thing I have observed from anglers’ experience is that the line can be stuck in the bird’s nest format quickly, and become terrible to resolve due to its thin size.

Fishing Line PE Size Chart

From an angling point of view, the line can give you a chance of having under 40lb of carp, trout, or bass fish in any weather and water conditions. This wide range of weight line can be caught over a distance of more than 1000 yards.

Similarly, you may extend longer range by adding another line using the double uni knot technique. Anglers have never complained about the memory of line due to their thin profile, robust and flexible structure.

  • Premium category manufacturing
  • Super think and flexible
  • Affordable price and more value
  • 8 strands design
  • Free from wind knot and easy to knot
  • Coated to protect color and line
  • Best all round weather condition
  • Birds nest chances
  • Color fading in a short time

In short, Rikimaru is best braided carp fishing line and another premium option for your next purchase due to its economical price, durability due to special coating, super strength, long-lasting, and most prolonged casting.

KastKing World’s Premium Line-Best Monofilament Fishing Line

Kastking is an award-winning manufacturer in the fishing industry and has technical research and development scientist teams, producing successful reel, spool, and lines.

Monofilament fishing line is being used in the anglers community for the last few years due to outclass performance and strength. The line is available in multi colors and givesyou the option for use in the required condition.

In the light of my team experience, the main line has a capability of almost zero stretch and exceptional strength and can give you the pleasure of quick retrieval without any break-in-line and limpness.

We came away thoroughly impressed with the thin diameter profile and negligible memory rings observed. The results in harsh weather are also phenomenal, and no wind knot was observed in our crappie knot spot.

  • 600 yards and 30lb tested line
  • Minimal wind knots
  • Multicolor availability
  • Negligible stretch
  • Paralled roll track protect from digging
  • Windknot free
  • Suitable for salt and fresh water
  • Stiffness problem
  • Slightly color bleed after several weeks

I would definitely recommend the kastking line over other competitors due to the infinite trust of anglers in it. Nylon monofilament line is a pack of comfort, durability, long-lasting, and, most importantly, cheap in price.

Pre Purchase Considerations

It is essential to know all the pre-considerations before going to buy a suitable required reel mainline. Please take it as a rule of thumb, and obviously, it helps make an easier decision and the right product choice.

Keep in mind; you are going to fight against heavy-pound carp species, and for that, you need to have the best strategy and artillery of required gadgets along with you. Strength, type of line, abrasion, visibility, length, and water condition are the factors to be analyzed before entering the immense territory.


The first thing to remember is to calculate the amount of weight you are going to catch. It is one of the primary but vital factor involved in casting. The line strength is the amount of force that can apply on the mainline and, technically speaking, is called breaking strain.

The maximum possible strain applied on the line should be pre-calculated before throwing the line into the water. Commonly, a high rated mainline usage is recommended in the case of heavy load like 12 to 15 lb line is required for casting 20 -25 lb of carp. With this attention, carp is the most potent fish, pre breaking strain strength analysis is the helpful tip, and it can be done by hanging the specified amount of lb mentioned on line packaging with the line.

Further here we have mentioned below the fishing line strength chart to get an ideal range of strength and diameter.

Remember, the mentioned rating on the mainline is not always the same as it has to be, and only practical experience can give the actual idea of line tensile and pull your casted carp out of the water.

Abrasion Resistance

Coupled with strength, the abrasion factor also has high importance, and it is possible to wear tear of the line happened in casting. The main reason behind abrasion is the dead trees present in water and coarse woody debris.

Abrasion Resistant Test Chart

In reality, snags and abrasion refer to the ecosystem and are the fundamental beauty of natural rivers and lake water life. The carp always take advantage of such available hurdles and try to run away, but only the abrasion-resistant mainline can control and resist the situation. Snags are not always present in every lake, but there is the chance of being in the lake bed.

Water condition

The fishing reel is very sensitive to the water condition, but the line is slightly less sensitive and can run months along with the reel. Freshwater always supports mainline health, whereas saltwater hurts in some ways and reduces the overall strength of the line upto 20% of the total life span.

The saltwater particles affect the line slowly and start brittle of line and thus loss of line elasticity. Similarly, if the reel is left out in an open atmosphere and exposed to sunlight, sweltering, and cold weather can decrease reel life faster than average.

It is always recommended to buy a slightly costly and premium line of long life span, compared to a cheaper one. But buy line according to the angling water condition and always try to wipe the line after every tour.

Length of the Line

The diameter of the mainline spool is directly proportional to the distance of casting. Like smaller spool diameters, the casting distance will be longer, and a similarly large diameter can cover the short distance. This is massively important to have a large spool, and if missed this point, you will waste your time, and no fish will be deposited into your bucket.

For long-casting distance, a big pit reel is an available option and requires hundreds of meters of line to needed. In short, the length of the line should be predicted before angling into the water, and it is recommended to buy the line in bulk because it will save few bucks.

Color of Line

Carp is an intelligent specimen, and this is the main reason anglers maintain protocol to pull it out of the water. Color plays a justified role in the casting, and there are mainly three colors, green, brown, and transparent colors being used for fishing.

The purpose behind line color is to not stand out in rigging and is to match the line visibility the same with the bottom color. Green and brown are also used for all such conditions, but the transparent color is suitable for carp only, and anglers suggest it for a higher efficiency rate. Fluorocarbon carp line is the best choice of angler for carp rigging.

Types of Carp Fishing lines

 Various varieties, breaking strength, elasticity, tensile, and color of casting lines are available, but three significant types of carp fishing lines are essential to discuss. These types are the angler choice, and they select any of these according to the condition requirements.


To be honest, the most useful, popular among anglers, and affordable carp line is monofilament and is made up of nylon material. The line has of tough, abrasion resistant, and stretchable properly with different valuable colors.

Monofilament is less expensive and impressively can work in salty water due to the presence of nylon, and it makes it robust amongst all. Furthermore, the reel life may decrease rapidly if exposed to sunlight for the long and may break quickly. Anglers recommend nylon monofilament for carp and catfishing due to elasticity and long length. The line is being used for carp angling with transparent color.

On the other hand, the line is safe for fish as well in breakage while retrieving. It allows an easy knot tie, but line memory may disturb in some instances.

Braid Line:

Super strong and made up of thin fiber braid line is two times much robust, compared to monofilament. The line is specifically designed for pro users only, and wrong hands can cause physical injuries because cut hazard chances are high in the line. This is one of the top-rated and best line types for casting long distances, big carp hunting, and spoding.

 The line is slightly expensive but worth the money in terms of durability and efficiency. The only problem with the mainline is the wind knot, which may hurt sometimes, but few precautions may reduce the chances of knots.

  • Always half-filled the spool and before casting.
  • Use big leader for long casting.
  • Spray or rinse the water on the spool; this will reduce the chances of wind knots.

The knotting technique used in the braided line is different from mono and requires careful work, and this is the more reliable and recommended line for use.


I have had used it for carp, but the results are less impressive than monofilament. It is famous for all seasons but not recommended for saltwater. The line is very abrasion resistant, and it is a direct competitor of the braided line.

The success of the fluorocarbon rig line is extra invisibility property, which makes the line almost invisible in the bed of the lake. On the other hand, it has excessive elasticity than braided but less stretching ability than mono.

Initially, fluorocarbon is not accepted by angles due to price, knot issues, and stiffness, but currently, fluorocarbon manufactures are working and making it more reliable and durable on the market. Still, a lot of time is required for improvements and acceptability amongst anglers, so I am not recommending it. In short, fluorocarbon is terrific but could not beat mono due to extra high price, high maintenance, slippery touch, and less stretching ability.


What lb line for carp fishing?

This is the most confusing and asking question from beginners that what pounds of line should I use. The situation is obvious, and you should know first, which type of reel you are using for the target.

Remember, carp is a giant specie and can give you a tough time all the way from water to land by strong shocks. This can tend to break in the line and the rod malfunctioning. Here we are going to set parameters you should consider before placing an order for carp.

First, carp retrieval is not as easy as other fish do, and that is why professionals suggest the usage of a spinning reel with rear drag control for more effortless and efficient casting. Remember drag ratio must be higher than the 4.5 ratios for quick action.

The second and most vital role is the line strength which is playing a last mile role. It is recommended to use at least a 15lb test line of monofilament or braided line. Another thing that affect casting is length of the line that should be more than 300 yards by all means.

Further rod and leader are also part of the game, but there should be no compromise on carp main line test value which should be greater than 15 lb, and considerable length with high strength and abrasion quality must be into the account.


With so many carp fishing lines available in the market, it can be tough and confusing on the one best for your reel and fishing. We are very confident about the research and list as mentioned earlier available for purchase; you cannot go wrong.

Here are a few best of best my choices of hook lines

  1. RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line
  2. KastKing World’s Premium Monofilament Fishing Line
  3. MOUNCHAIN 100% PE 4 & 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line

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