Best Big Pit Reels of 2022-Budget Reels for Carp Fishing

Big Carp means heavy artillery reel, large and strong spool, lightweight body, and strong line clip are the factors must have to be in a dream reel. The most important fact with all these essential features is the price which could be higher, but big bucks never stop the way of enthusiastic passion.

The big SMA reel is the only expensive reel type that can bring peace of mind about the durability in a specimen competition. The challenging situation is obvious in retrieving of the reel, and the baitcaster reels can not bear heavy load; only a big pit reel can give reasonable favor to the angler, and even mini size pit reels can also fulfill the need.

We have used the baitcaster reel for catching carp, trout, and other freshwater specimens, but these reels have a specific medium-range and dragging ability. But monsters are expected when it came to catching heavyweight and slightly away from shore, and only pit reel can handle this critical situation.

Here we gave you a short but premium list of professional pit reels in the best possible reasonable price bracket and designed up to pro-level technology. We are confident about our practical examination results and have reviewed each item with the Florida Anglers Community to understand each item better.

06 Best Big Pit Reel For Carp Fishing

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel
Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel
  • Aluminum Body
  • Best For Surf Fishing
  • Live Line Technology
Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel
Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel
  • Big Size Durable Body
  • Smoothest gear
  • Gravity Free Control
Sougayilang 10000 Series Surf Fishing Reel
Sougayilang 10000 Series Surf Fishing Reel
  • Big Size Aluminum Body
  • Propulsion Spool
  • Less Expensive

Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel BG 5000

BG 5000 model is specialized for extensive territories of species. The reel is manufactured using synthetic anodized material with big size spool under a lightweight body. I  have been using BG series model for the last few years, and every year I upgrade to the higher model.

Best Big Pit Reels


Since using, I have shifted more than a dozen of my angler’s mates from other reels to BG series due to successful hunting. Affordable price, but performance is unbeatable in smaller budget stands out it as most trusted and durable reel.  

We have been using this reel at full of its extent and found it as a robust anti corrosion product (ample amount of greases is filled inside the machine), and its really has reduced angler effort at the time reeling fish, Its feel like a winch, so effortless due to the gear.

However, the reel is suitable for both fresh and saltwater challenges and can drag more than 50lb of weight in the capacity of 300 yard area. The bail line is more sustainable, and 5.6:1 gear is provided for extra fast performance. Big size spool has been provided and is doing smooth line retrieval due to under control oscillation.

  • Rigid anodized body
  • Perfect for big fish
  • Bigger spool size
  • Robust gear and low oscillation
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater
  • Only right hand gadget
  • Extra grease amount is filled

Daiwa Black Widow BR LT, 5000-C

Designed in Vietnam with aluminum body frame and for both left and right hand anglers under lightweight. I have bought this in recent years just for carp, and it outshines my other reel because it can perform above expectations in a freshwater environment.

Best Big Pit Reels


You may choose it for any kind of fresh specimens like zander, eel, trout, or medium heavy feeder, and it will never disappoint you. Manufacturer has provided tough gear, which has raised the product’s value and offers smooth transmission and high power drag. Ideally, the reel is designed for a 26 lb load, but reel is capable and gave us more than the rated value without any hassle.

As spool performance concern, silent smooth oscillation is observed, which has improved line lay on the spool. Remember, 5000-C is the higher end model for giant carp, and smaller models are not recommended for you in case of the heavy feeder.

Besides all, reel sealing is slightly weak, and chances of corrosion are present in salty water conditions; this is why freshwater angling is allowed with this gear. If Daiwa Black Widows enters in your fishing squad, you will get absolutely over the moon due to reliability, durability, and lasting.

  • Rigid Aluminum body
  • Perfect for big fish territory
  • Bigger spool size
  • Robust gear and low oscillation
  • Left and right hand control
  • Not good for salt water

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Fishing Reel

Another marvelous piece of big fishing reel is Penn 6500. Precisely designed metal body with beauty and beast features have raised the overall rating of the reel. Stainless steel body with ambidextrous handle orientation i-e interchange option is vital in big size bodies. The reel is expensive but impressive, built like a tank and surf fishing results.

Best Big Pit Reels


We have had used this reel in the past for surf fishing only, and it goes beyond the expected limits of dragging and can pull big species out of the water effortlessly. Surprisingly, the reel has passed international standards of IPX5 regarding reel sealing point of view and has never disappointed us.

We have observed it as one of the finest and effective reel due to the techno balanced rotor for smooth retrieve, and low oscillation with CNC gear ratio of 4.8:1, which helps out on good line lay on the spool. 4-speed adjustable tension live liner is provided, which is almost the same as a bait runner.

 Furthermore, we have tried it from 300 yards to 600 for hunting 20 to 40 lb, and it does the desired job effectively and effortlessly. Maybe this is due to the brass gear, which helps it out for heavily loaded specimens.

Additionally, ball bearing and anti-reverse switch are partially tricky to source, and the company should provide a roller bearing other than ball bearing. Although grease is filled in the machine, it still sometimes sounds like a grinding machine due to the low viscosity of the lubricant.

  • Smart Aluminum body
  • Perfect for surf fishing
  • Live liner technology
  • 20 to 40 lb catching ability
  • Suitbale for fesh and salty water
  • Bit expensive but worthy
  • Need maintenance
  • Spare spool I expensive

Daiwa 20 Emblem Big Pit Reel

We have Added another Daiwa product that is being used in our community for the big feeder. Daiwa 20 Emblem is designed only for big carp, and hence specifications are according to the requirements.

Best Big Pit Reels


Firstly, the design is a mixture of classic and modern looks, and stainless steel body is introduced with an interchangeable aluminum handle. The basic concept of the reel works on the front drag system, which is why minimum ball bearings are present in the reel but still 45/1.7 Inches of spool dimension combined with the slow cross wrap. This bond enables extreme casting distance with minimal friction.

From the observation point of view, the reel never loses credibility and always performs above than rated specification. Like it can drag up to 15kg of species from more than a 300-yard distance. Similarly, line retrieve is also fast and can recover about 40 inches of line in a single handle rotation.

Remember, manual bail return is provided with QD quick drag for fast recovery of the line. I’ve had used this Korda subline and observed stunning outcomes.

In short, Daiwa Emblem reel is expensive compared to others on the market, but undoubtedly, the performance in ultra long casting is worthful and valuable to the money.

  • Classic and modern design
  • Ultra long casting
  • Spare aluminum spool is provided
  • Front quick drag
  • Slightly expensive
  • Need maintenance

Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

Again the most famous Japanese brand shimano always stands in the first row in premium quality and standards. Shimano stradic spinning reel is one the best in terms of long casting and durability.

Best Big Pit Reels


We have used it in all harsh circumstances and found that pure metal haganes design of reel protects the body from flexing due to stiffness and rigidity. This modern design allows anglers’ actions to transform into cranking power directly.

In the same way, the reel has precise alignment with the gear drive and always maintains the gear in the same position. The mechanism behind this great logic is pinion gear which is provided on both sides of the body.

Additionally, the reel is more comfortable for casting as compared with other Shimano reels. Actually, we have observed that shimano never stops its evolution and constantly improving gadgets up to a new level of comfort and durability. This is why the G-free body (gravity free concept) has been introduced. It works flawlessly by moving the reel center of gravity to the angler hand position to minimize fatigue.

Frankly speaking, I own many Shimano reels, but this long casting has its own beautiful working behavior. Mainly this stradic FL helps me out in casting lures, carp, jacks, and even redfish of different weights with powerful drag and control. The handy experience is smooth and looks like fluid is running inside gear while dragging. Overall gear technology transformed by manufactured and offer additional tough gear II.

Shimano claims this flagship reel stradic FL reel to be the smoothest drag ever in the family, and yes, it is one of the smooth in casting, but the cost is much higher, which is the main issue for the anglers.  

  • Big in size with durability
  • Rigid and stiffness body
  • Gravity free body control
  • Gear smoothnes is unbeatable
  • Most expensive

Sougayilang 10000 Series Surf Fishing Reel

The premium Chinese brand is also performing above expectation wonder at an affordable cost, and this reel proves that pit reel can fall at a reasonable price with equal quality factors.

Best Big Pit Reels


In the first place, an Aluminum body with stainless steel shaft is provided in the reel, and it upgrades the overall standards of the reel. The reel is primarily designed for long casting and for a heavyweight fight, and this is why an advanced propulsion spool is introduced in the reel to provide longer casting without any knots and backlash.

Equally important, retrieving the line is extra smooth while landing big carp, and we have observed an oversized shaft installed with a compact self-balancing control for steady line lay. Another thing for heavy load is pinion gear, which is used on both sides of the reel in order to maintain the same positioning of gear in case of heavy loads.

Practically, we have found that reel can go far long casting with up to 35 lb of specimen weight. On the other hand, bodyweight is also slightly larger and can be difficult for anglers to hold reel up to an extended period of time.

In addition, the manufacturer has installed EVA aluminum interchangeable handle, which is slightly compromised in terms of quality. However, the handle is made of aluminum but still less durable and could not bear heavy force. Furthermore, slightly low-value gear is provided, which works well for equal and even line lay on the spool.

  • Big in size
  • Aluminum body frame
  • Suitable under 35 lb of species
  • Propulsion spool for ultra smooth drag
  • Less expensive
  • Handle is not durable
  • Not good for saltwater


Big pit reel selection is quite tricky, and hard to find affordable, durable, and best products from various other reels.

Remember, expensive reels are not always the right in terms of field practicality, and the only right choice of the reel can last all times and would value the money.

Here we are have already shared best of the best pit in the above article but, these below mentioned are most favourite and close to us.

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