15 Best Bass Fishing Places In Utah- Lakes, Rivers & Reservior

After much consultation and thought, I did a lot of research and compiled a list of our top 9 Bass Fishing destinations in Utah. Utah is not only known for the world-breaking record for bass fishing, but also its Uinta mountains are wondering and look like snow on the earth!

The lakes and reservoirs in Utah are loaded with some Largemouth, Smallmouth, and some other species which is the reason for its attraction and remain the best bass fishing places in Utah. Utah is also famous for bass fishing tournaments; avid anglers love to do bass hunting, and also they took their families and squad here on holidays to spend precious time on the best bass fishing places lakes and reserviors.

Fortunately, we are blessed by the several bass fishing opportunities in Utah. Lake Powell, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Pelican Lake, Quail Creek Reservoir, Starvation Reservoir, Mantua Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir, and Pineview Reservoir are our favorite ones and top of the list.

I’m very excited to plan an afresh trip to do some bass fishing this coming year. If you don’t know where to go, then flow us!

For being a lover of Bass Fishing, this post is for those who don’t know where to go and catch bass in Utah. With so many solid options, I’ve e narrowed down your choices by representing our top 9 idyllic places of Bass Fishing in Utah, and each has its own charm and uniqueness.

Here are the best bass fishing places in Utah, that we have visited for you. So, let’s do some adventure!

Best Largemouth Bass fishing Utah Lakes

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. It is one of the most popular recreational destinations in the United States, with over 2 million visitors per year. The lake was created by the construction of Glen Canyon Dam in 1963.

At full pool, the lake covers over 186,000 acres and has 1,904 miles of shoreline. Lake Powell is a vast water body, and their fast fishing makes it one of the best Bass fishing destinations in Utah.

Lake Powell-Bass fishing utah

Lake Powell is my favorite fishing spot and top of the list for specific reasons. Having a healthy population of both Largemouth Bass, Small mouth Bass and other species, Lake Powell is a loveable Bass Fishing Spot in Utah for anglers as well as for me.

The other main reason is their uniqueness. The presence of brilliant pristine red rocks always proffers picturesque scenery while you are fishing.

There are many excellent fishing spots along the shoreline, as well as plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, swimming, and boating. Last but not least, you can also catch bass by using various techniques on this lake. However, it is easy to utilize some of the best baits like weightless rigged Senko and texas rigged hula grub.

Sand Hollow Reservoir– Best Bass Fishing Destination in Utah

Located in the heart of Utah, Sand Hollow Reservoir is a hidden gem for bass fisherman. This reservoir is one of the most unique fisheries in the country with its high population of largemouth bass. Anglers can expect to catch bass up to 10 pounds and there are plenty of fish in the 2-3 pound range.

The reservoir also contains some nice smallmouth bass, crappie, and catfish. I love this place so much and assure you that you can enjoy and have some fabulous time to spend on hunting bass out of the small reservoir.

What makes Sand Hollow such a great fishery is the abundance of structure. There are many rocky points, coves, and islands that provide cover for fish. The water is also very clear, which makes it possible to sight fish for bass.

Sand Hollow Reservoir-Bass fishing Utah

Because of its remote location, Sand Hollow Reservoir remains relatively uncrowded. This makes for a great fishing experience whether you are targeting largemouth or smallmouth bass.

Furthermore, drop shooting into these fractures is shown to be very rewarding. Utah makes a tremendous effort to preserve a Largemouth population in  Sand Hollow Reservoir. It is not only for the boater fisherman, but it also offers a bank. Whether you are a beginner or professional angler, Sand Hollow provides something for everyone.

Pelican Lake

Pelican lake is a warm water fishery in the state and is the best bass fishing spot in Utah. Due to the healthy population of bluegill and largemouth bass, Pelican lake has become famous among anglers. In addition, the greenery vegetation around the lake looks idyllic and offers a perfect spot to produce a good quantity of fish. During spring, the bass start reproduction, and the shallow vegetation dispenses fun for flipping and pitching jigs.

 I love fishing here, and I caught a lot of basses and also hunted a few bluegills. Because of the heavy populace of bluegill in Pelican lake, it is necessary to use and throw some bluegill pattern crankbaits for hunting. Also, you can throw some spinnerbait through the grass to hunt bass out of the water. Now it’s going to be a fun lake for bass fishing!

Pelican Lake

Quail Creek Reservoir

Quail Creek Reservoir is known as the best fishery in Utah, and It located 10 miles northeast of St. George off Highway 15. The reservoir is small and produces a big bass that you catch in this lake. For many years, Utah State record for the Largemouth bass, and that was held by fish of Quail Creek Reservoir. Compared to Sand Hollow, the Largemouth is very fussy at Quail Creek.

Plus, the bigger fishes probably want to eat small Rainbow Trout stocked in the lake, and crawdads found in the rocks. The reservoir makes a challenging condition to test your angling skill as a  bass fisherman. Every bass angler should put this best fishery spot on his destination list.

Quail Creek Reservoir

Utah lake

Utah Lake is located in Utah Valley and is the largest natural lake in the state. It has a surface area of about 44 square miles and a maximum depth of just over 60 feet. The lake was formed by the eruption of the Provo Peak Volcano about 12,000 years ago.

The primary purposes of Utah Lake are flood control, irrigation, and recreation. The lake is also a popular spot for fishing, with Largemouth & Smallmouth bass, catfish, perch, and trout being among the most common catches. The lake’s beauty has drawn many people to it over the years and it is now a popular spot for swimming, boating, water skiing, and other recreational activities.

Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Utah Reservoir

Here we are going to give you more information of fantastic bass fishing spots in Utah which are heavily populated with mouth basses and even can give more dramatic experiance of angling.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir– Best Bass Fishing Place in Utah

Flaming Gorge is located in northeast Utah and is incredibly famous among anglers. Their emerald water is stocked with a large population of Smallmouth bass, and rainbow by the dam, and browns downstream as well; this reservoir is also known for trophy lake trout.

Plus, bass fishing is fast in the Gorge Reservoir if you find the best shorelines. Furthermore, the scenic view up to the Utah side with cedar canyons and the crystal clear water of Gorge Reservoir is the other main reason to be set this venue on 3rd rank.

After visiting, it seems that Flaming Gorge is an incredible fishing destination for anglers. Definitely, due to a couple of reasons, it must be on anybody’s fishing list.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Starvation Reservoir-Best Bass Fishing Spot In Utah

Starvation reservoirs offer plenty of fishing opportunities. Essentially this reservoir launched as a walleye fishery, but it also provides intense Utah bass fishing as well. Furthermore, Starvation is located between the idyllic bumpy Unita Mountains, creating spectacular scenery while fishing.

Starvation Reservoir

Along with a scenic view, it also offers excellent amenities to make this a great fishing spot for anglers and families to spend their weekends. Smallmouth bass is the prominent bass species in this reservoir.

However, the Starvation Reservoir is a classic and best place in Utah for fishing that offers a picturesque view and a lot of accommodations. The clear blue-green water and fast fishing make the reservoir a point of attraction.

Mantua Reservoir

Mantua is a charming fishery and offers two fishing opportunities that are tough to beat. A healthy population of bluegill and largemouth bass attracts anglers toward Mantua. It’s a marvel news that Mantua sets down the current record-breaking bluegill size in Utah State. I love to fish here. In spring, I’ve always caught a lot of bluegills by utilizing flies, jigs, and poppers. That proves to be good baits!

However, the availability of plenty of trees and green vegetation makes a perfect place for bass fishing. Mantua is an impartially remote area, so it doesn’t obtain a ton of boat traffic. A remote location, good-sized fish, and scenic view, especially in the fall, make an optimistic spot for Bass Fishing in Utah.

Mantua Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir

The shorelines of Deer Creek are openly owned and located about 30 minutes from Provo. It is the best Utah bass fishing spot containing a healthy populace of Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass species. Plus,  the reservoir’s water fluctuates every year due to the snowpacks and downstream water, which is utilized for culinary and agriculture purposes as well.

However, the Smallies are abundant in Deer Creek compared to Largemouth, and you can find good-sized Smallies at the end with a little hard work and constancy. The Largemouth is a little harder to come out of, but some anglers are successfully targeting the Largies as well.

Deer Creek is also famous for its strong summer wind and high recreational boat activities. It offers two main boat ramps at the State park and Rainbow Bay near the island. In my experience, the best time to fish here is in the morning and the evening hours.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Pineview Reservoir

Another calm water venue surrounded by beautiful mountains is an incredible attraction for anglers to spend luxurious time over there. The Pineview is famous for trophy-size tiger muskies with record-breaking sizes observed in the past.

Besides Muskies, Pineview also offers Smallmouth bass, a few trouts, perch, and some catfishes for hunting. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy other healthy activities like skiing, hiking, and camping.

Pineview Reservoir

East Canyon Reservoir

East Canyon Reservoir is located in the Wasatch Mountains, just outside of Park City, Utah. The reservoir was created in 1962 to provide water for the city of Salt Lake and its residents. The reservoir has a surface area of 1,920 acres and a maximum depth of 153 feet.

It is stocked with both rainbow and brown trout, as well as smallmouth bass. East Canyon Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing and boating. Furthermore, the scenery around the reservoir is also stunning, making it a popular spot for hiking and camping.

Best bass fishing places in utah- fishdart.com

Jordanelle Reservoir

The Jordanelle Reservoir is a beautiful location that is perfect for fishing, boating, and swimming. The reservoir is located in Heber Valley, Utah and it has become a popular spot for fishing because of the abundance of smallmouth bass.

Best bass fishing places in Utah-fishdart.com

The reservoir covers 3,848 surface acres and it has a maximum depth of 104 feet. There are several recreational areas around the reservoir where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the area and spend time with family and friends.

Echo Reservoir

Echo Reservoir is located in Summit County, Utah, about 30 miles east of Salt Lake City. It covers an area of 2,033 acres and has a maximum depth of 115 feet. The reservoir was created by the construction of the Echo Dam on the Weber River in 1951. The dam is an earthfill structure that is 256 feet high and 1,711 feet long.

The beauty of Echo Reservoir lies in its location and surroundings. The reservoir is surrounded by mountains, including the Uinta Mountains to the north and the Wasatch Range to the south.

Best bass fishing places in Utah- fishdart.com

Moreover, the reservoir is also home to some good smallmouth bass fishing and anglers can also find plenty of good spots to fish from both boats and shorelines. There are also several campgrounds around the reservoir where anglers can stay overnight. I’m sure you can enjoy a valuable time there, along with your squad.

Rockport Reservoir

Rockport Reservoir is a beautiful, clean body of water that attracts fisherman and boaters alike. The reservoir is located in Spencer County, Indiana and covers 1,500 acres.

Best bass fishing places in Utah-fishdart.com

It offers good fishing for smallmouth bass and other fish species. In addition, the reservoir has a max depth of 30 feet and several boat ramps for easy access. You will definitely find  a quiet, peaceful place at Rockport Reservoir to relax and enjoy nature.

Willard Bay Reservoir

Located on the border of Utah and Idaho, the Willard Bay Reservoir is a beautiful location for fishing and other sporting activities. It was created in 1963 when the Willard Bay Dam was completed. Moreover, the smallmouth bass is a popular game fish in that reservoir also anglers can find good fishing opportunities throughout the reservoir.

The history of the reservoir is rich with anglers who have enjoyed this sport here for many years.

Best bass fishing places in Utah-fishdart.com

There are many great bass fishing rivers in Utah, but which are the best? This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many great options. Some of the best bass fishing rivers in Utah include the Colorado River, Virgin River, Sevier River, Jordan River, Provo River, and Green River. Each has its own special attractions that make them great places to catch big fish.

Colorado River

If you’re looking for a place to go fishing, the Colorado River is a great option. It’s located in southwest Arizona near the Mexican border and offers plenty of opportunities for anglers. The river is also quite beautiful, making it a popular destination for sightseers.

The Colorado River has a long history. It was one of the first rivers to be explored by Europeans in the 1500s. Today, it continues to be a popular destination for fishing and sightseeing. In addition, the river is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, with plenty of bass, catfish, and trout. The scenery is also stunning, with towering cliffs and rushing waterfalls.

Virgin River

If you’re looking for a place to fish, Virgin River is worth checking out. Located in southwestern Utah, the river winds its way through some of the most picturesque country in the state. The river’s beauty has made it a popular destination for anglers and nature lovers alike.

Virgin River is known for its good fishing. Brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout can all be found in the river. The best time of year to fish is spring and early summer, when the water is high and cool.

The history of Virgin River is tied to that of Zion National Park. John D. Lee built a home along the river in 1858, and it soon became a popular stopping point for travelers heading to Zion National Park. After Lee’s execution in 1877, the home was abandoned and fell into disrepair.

Sevier River

Did you know that the Sevier River is one of Utah’s most popular fishing spots? What’s more, it’s also a beautiful place to enjoy nature. The river winds its way through some of the most picturesque country in the Beehive State, and it’s home to a wide variety of fish. If you love to angle, you won’t want to miss this river!

The Sevier River begins in the high country of central Utah, near the town of Beaver. It flows south for about seventy miles before emptying into the Great Salt Lake.

Along the way, it passes through some very pretty countryside. The river is lined with willows and cottonwoods, and there are plenty of rocky riffles and deep pools where fish like to hang out.

Jordan River

Jordan River is a 42-mile-long (68 km) river in the U.S. states of Michigan and Wisconsin. It flows generally southward from Lake Michigan to Green Bay. Also, the Jordan River watershed drains an area of 1,047 square miles (2,690 km2).

 Additionally, the River is a popular destination for fishing for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. It has also been known for its walleye and muskellunge fishing. Moreover, the lower section of the Jordan River, from Wilson to Green Bay, has been designated a Blue Ribbon trout stream.

The Jordan River is a beautiful and popular destination for anglers. The river winds its way through rural countryside and forests, providing a peaceful and picturesque setting for fishing.

Provo River

The Provo River is a 122-mile-long (196 km) river in the U.S. state of Utah. It is the main tributary of the Jordan River, and flows north from Mount Nebo to Utah Lake. The Provo River is well known for its smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing, as well as its trout fishery.

The upper part of the river flows through some of the most beautiful country in Utah, with rugged mountains and forested canyons. The river is also popular with anglers who love to fly fish for trout.

Green River

The Green River is a legendary fishery in the American Midwest, known for its smallmouth and largemouth bass, as well as northern pike, walleye, and muskie.The river has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s, when fur traders and Native Americans first discovered its bountiful waters.

Today, the Green River remains a popular destination for anglers from all over the country. The river’s beauty is unmatched, with towering bluffs and limestone cliffs providing a stunning backdrop to the sparkling water. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, the Green River is sure to put on a show.

Final Words

In conclusion, bass fishing in Utah is a great way to spend a day or weekend. There are plenty of lakes and reservoirs that offer good smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing. The scenery is beautiful, and the trip is enjoyable for anglers of all ages. So if you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity, bass fishing in Utah is a great option. Each destination is famous for its casting specialties and is the best option for professional anglers to have leisure time with their beloveds.

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